Nothing New : how I lost a friend in online trading scam

“The scam that is the binary options trading is by no means new to us”.
Maxime, my friend from moneyonlinethai

It is a demon in the financial sector that is slowly claiming its victims, one after the other. Personally, I have had a pseudo-first-hand experience with this scam having witnessed a very close friend of mine get scammed in broad daylight. When she came to me with her story, I had to get it out there somehow.

Her name is Jane Noon, a very good friend of mine from Bangkok, Thailand. Like the very many victims who fall prey to this scam, Jane was duped into believing that binary options trading would be a profitable short-term investment and encouraged to make more and more investments.

The Lucrative Deal

Back in 2015, Noon was approached by her broker (John Doe) at 23Traders, a binary options trader. John came to Noon with a lucrative proposal that she could not say no to. Convincingly, John told her to invest her entire life savings, and her business worth into binary options. With all the reassurance from John, she found it really hard to say no. Little did she know that she was getting herself into a death trap. Noon was told that her broker was based in the UK but later investigation showed that actually he was based in the US. The only contact they had was Skype.

Initial Profits

At first, Noon was told that she was making some good profit, and if she wanted to make even more, she would have to invest more. With profit in mind, she did not hesitate. She sold part of her business, which was not making too much profit at the time, and invested the money in binary options.

The Bombshell

December 11th 2015. This date will remain forever etched in Noon’s head and heart. She got a call from John, a very shocking call. The news: Noon had lost all her investment. It came as a shock for her, she almost got a heart attack. All her savings, her business, all gone! What was she left to do now? However, the broker was never without an answer and a solution. He told her that he would apply for the insurance bonus and that way maybe they could recover their loss.

Gone! Just the same way he came out of nowhere, he disappeared into the wind, never to be heard from again.

Noon was left devastated, frustrated and suicidal. She had lost everything to binary options trading. However, it is from her story and many others do we get to really know that the whole binary trading is a huge scam, so heed the warning and keep off!



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